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Workshops and Demonstations

As well as trying to make some interesting art as I go along, we aim to teach some really important basics, with regard to the practicalities of being able to produce good, interesting work. 

The aim of my workshops is mainly to provide a convivial environment working alongside professionals who already have experience and a commitment to making their work to a high standard, but are also a keen desire to explore new ideas and techniques. We assume all our students already understand fundamental basics and already work in a medium they have some experience with. Whether you make art for pleasure or have a serious intention of making your work commercially successful, I believe it is important to have a feel for how your own work is appreciated, and if you wish to sell your work, understand a little of what galleries expect from artists, in terms of saleability, and subject and style.

I prize originality alongside tenacity as necessary for every artist to progress.

Nick with fellow artist Mo Walker

Nick Coley and Mo Walker in the studio

Experimentation is always good, but it has to be pursued with a love of making discoveries your own, and understanding that style only comes by developing your uniqueness. An artist’s signature piece is like a sampler to a collector, it’s the art world’s equivalent of proving your ID.

Harmony, having a formula and the desire to make your own interpretation, the rest is practise and gaining greater skill through repetition. Our art classes are informal. We are here to inspire you, not tell you what to do. If you’re looking to kick-start your creative muscle I can offer some easy suggestions until you find your balance. We can supply some basic materials (papers, pencils, etc) but everybody can use whatever they want, or if you’d like to give soft metal engraving a go, we can let you use all of the tools I use.

Classes are held in my studio and workshop. As a rule we kick off at ten, break off for lunch when it suits us, and finish off at three in the afternoon. A single class costs £185 (max two students).

For further details about days and course duration, email me at

We also offer a highly competative bespoke framing service. Engraving demonstrations can be booked, to check availability email me for details and to discuss the venues location.


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