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Nick Coley

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Nick Coley

Nick was born in Stourbridge, Worchester and moved to the North of England as an infant, making Yorkshire his adoptive county. 

Nick has worked in business, has written four short novellas, and most recently appeared in the BBC Home is where the art is show, in 2019. The catalyst for him turning pro as an artist came when he picked up an electric grinder to embellish a metal lantern a blacksmith had made to house his innovate glass work. It was one of those ‘what if..?’ moments, he recollects.

His art work continues to grow and develop. His painted engravings must be seen to be appreciated, the same power tools he did when embellishing the lantern that give a three dimensional quality impossible to capture in a photograph. And he has developed a unique process of painting behind glass and Perspex that are becoming increasingly popular and collectable.

He has exhibited at The Parallax Fair in London, and through Pashmin Art Management has shown his work in Beijing, and closer to home, The Myton Gallery in Hull,  and the Artzu Gallery based in Manchester, you can also find his work on the Saatchi website and Nick Coley Glass and Metal Art.

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“What is art really, what does it mean, is it the universal language”