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An Introduction By Nick Coley

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Buying Into The Dream

All the artworks exhibited on the website are either for sale or have already been sold, and are just a few of the artworks available for collectors to see. For a comprehensive view of all the works on this website see the gallery selection. 

To enquire about a particular piece, discuss commissioned work, or make an appointment for a private viewing at my studio, please contact me by email. There is no obligation to buy, and you’ll always receive a warm welcome.

Nick Coley in his studio

Original Art

The work I’ve begun to do now is firmly rooted with a sense of place. It never struck me as important when I was younger for these associations to matter, but they do matter a great deal. I should know a lot of things about where I live so it seems only natural as an artist I ought to make references to that knowledge. It’s like acknowledging the influence a place has upon you

Glass Intervention

I wasn’t consciously aware of this until the landscape engravings in metal. Prior to that I’d been making glass collages comprised of other materials as well, and had soon decided to take this idea forward as just part of a process to arrive at something that would be neither a painting, or a straightforward photograph of a collage, but a print made by combination of both, so the glass work is actually a collage built up using the glass as a vehicle for me to capture photographically and put on film that is then bonded with a sheet of toughened glass.

The process turns 3D objects into sharp 2D images flattening what you see but retaining all the information, creating a different kind of depth using the trickery of light alone, replacing perspective with pattern and design.




“I had been looking for something for a few months when I saw “Danes Dyke” in the window of a local gallery.

I was instantly drawn to the technique, the combination of texture and colour and utter originality captivated me straight away. I then saw “Pool of Reflection” and was torn; which to choose?

After sleeping on it, for a good few weeks, I decided that “Danes Dyke” would be the perfect piece as it was to be a retirement gift for me from the Directors of Boyes following 35 years of service. Decision made, my husband joined me and being the utterly lovely man he is bought “Pool of Reflection” too.

So now I am the very proud owner of 2 wonderful works of art. Pieces that capture the light and bring me joy and delight. I often draw my fingers across the works to feel the texture, they are tactile as well as visual and I am delighted to own them.”

Vivienne Sheader. Driffield

Danes Dyke

Pool Of Reflection


“It changes with the light. Sunshine, daylight, or an electric lamp in the evening. I can feel I’m wandering down that lane listening to the trees rustling and the birds singing. It’s beautiful.”

Carol Garniss


The Beeches

The York Minster Collection

Reverse glass painting behind toughened glass. I began this over 10 years ago, it is almost ready to be put in its frame. Painted behind toughened glass for safe passage and protection.

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