A new ground-breaking art exhibition by mixed media artist Nick Coley, has recently launched at The Pumphouse Brewing Company, Driffield. The permanent art exhibition is a welcomed visitor attraction to the region.

The artworks on exhibition are based on the local history and landscape. Complimented by the industrial undertones of the brewery, Coley’s work is a refreshing pop of colour that has been celebrated by the local community. Coley’s artwork is built on glass and metal, created with a variety of engraving and painting techniques. His art depicts emotional moments, inspired by his own life and the surrounding landscape.

Coley is a celebrated artist based in the North of England. His artwork draws inspiration from his experience in agriculture and farming. Coley has exhibited for The Parallax Fair in London, The Myton Gallery in Hull, and the Artzu Gallery based in Manchester. His work was also exhibited further from home in Beijing through Pashmin Art Management. The exhibition with The Pumphouse Brewing Company has provided Nick with the opportunity to bring his artwork closer to home.

Pictured Above: Artist Nick Coley (left), with his work The Goddess, and The Pumphouse Brewing Company Owners.
The Goddess, Nick Coley, width 116cm x height 73cm x depth 2cm. The Goddess is one of the most expressive and colourful paintings within the fourteen-piece collection. Nick’s unique use of technique

and colour perfectly contrasts the raw environment of the brewery. Coley’s artwork is truly a sight to behold.

Inspired by Stravinsky’s orchestral ballet. Perspex canvas engraved and painted on the rear.

The Rites of Spring, Nick Coley, 137 x 107cm Inspired by Stravinsky’s orchestral ballet. Perspex canvas engraved and painted on the rear.

Coley’s interest in the history of his local area drove him to explore Britain’s Danish Heritage. This Perspex carved painting depicts the popular Viking folklore that after death Norsemen would voyage by a dreamboat to Valhalla.

The Butterwick Swallows, Nick Coley,145 x 115cm

View of the Yorkshire Wolds, unseen from a road or bridle path. This metal engraved painting is inspired by Nick’s life in farming.

Discussing his exhibition with Pumphouse Brewing, Nick commented: ‘The local venue of The Pumphouse Brewing Company is the perfect fit for my artwork. It’s the sort of venue where an artist can have their work up and the visitors are relaxed, there’s no pressure. Viewers can just sit back and let the artwork wash over them. I think this is important for me as the artwork I make aims to tell stories. Especially stories about my local landscape and it’s history. The Pumphouse Brewing Company allows my artwork to be appreciated by the

The Pumphouse Brewing Company are excited to showcase local artwork, ‘It’s been a great working with Nick on this exhibition. We feel his artwork has made a real connection locally and we look forward to reaching more people with this exhibition. His artwork is incredible, it has brightened up the brewery and gives it a more personal atmosphere.’

Shirley-Ann O’Neill Director of the Visual Artists Association commented ‘Covid-19 has brought about changes with how people safely access arts and culture. Globally, people are looking for more local experiences with staycations and this pioneering exhibition by Nick Coley and The Pumphouse Brewing Company allows people to learn about the local area in Coley’s bold contemporary art pieces.’

Nick Coley’s exhibition is currently being held at The Pumphouse Brewing Company, Twydale Business Park, Unit 10 D, Skerne Rd, Driffield YO25 6JX. Open Friday & Saturday 4:30pm – 10:30pm. This is a permanent exhibition with no end date in sight.

For further media information, including image and interview requests, please contact: Shirley-Ann O’Neill on 07947 434 688