Nick Coley Artist
Nick Coley Artist

It was always about discovery, effects of light, the first time I noticed as I walked to school, knees so cold in short trousers, on a crisp October morning, some puddles had rainbows inside them, floating on top of the water which had been iced over overnight.

Words, for me, were there to describe what I felt and what I saw, and school….I dreaded school completely, the rules, the emphasis upon channeling everybody, so I withdrew, deliberately. I was different, that’s how it felt.

That was when I began to draw, then paint. It was the only way I could make any sense of the world. And perhaps the only academic subject that caught my attention was history. You see, I understood perspective visually without anyone pointing it out, history offered me the perspective to reason by. To form a wider sense of what you might call reality.

I believe artists are born artists, and there is no escaping from what they are. In a wider sense, of the arts as well, through music and the arrangement of words which carry a message and a story, we all sense what we are trying to show both ourselves and others intuitively.

You can watch videos of me working here

If you have a dream you would like Nick to capture, be it an idea, from a photograph, a place, or if you would like a chance to see his work for real, why not book an appointment? (current studio visits are subject to Covid 19 protocol, please check beforehand)