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The Witch, The Angel,
and The Warrior King

This engraving is based upon the ruined church at Cottam. It was abandoned 3 times, but in times of trouble the people came back.

Painted engraving. 1.2 aluminium plate.
Dimensions: length 105cmx height 153cm x depth 2cm.

Price £3,199.00

What is art really?

Nick Coley Artist
Nick Coley

A thought provoking Nick Coley asking the question

“what is art really, what does it mean, is it the universal language”.

A Dark and Tattered Dawn

A dark and tattered dawn, take heart one is never alone…

The Owl and The Hunter Moon

“I went out seeking a vision, one I could cultivate with painterly tools and rags of chance, a vision I could relate to and believe in.

Time, it was early evening. I hopped in my car and drove out to Dalby Forest. It was darker still by the time I arrived. I stepped out straight into woodland, the car door closing softly with a thud.

The new moon was rising. It began to cast its silvery net. Soon, it was no longer dark but the eerie sleek tone of a place more supernatural as if the sky above the treetops was self-illuminating to the ghostly glow of thousands of Chinese Lanterns whose warm yellow flames were now drained of colour, save this pearlescent blue…and a mood fell upon my spirit commanded by the rising moon….”

The Owl and
The Hunter Moon
The Owl and the Hunter Moon. Rear painted behind Museum Glass dimensions: length 81cm x height 104cm x depth 2cm

Price £2,999.00
Helen of Troy
Dimensions: length 66cm x height 107cm x depth 4cm

Price £1,650.00

Helen of Troy

Painting and mixed media using Museum Glass, painted both back and front using Liquitex Acrylic and low viscosity spray paint, framed in white painted wood.

This was the very first composition using Museum Glass. Along with several more, this goes on display at the Coleman’s Cider Co. in Driffield very soon.

Park Life

This work is completely open to interpretation. I think it’s about having space, or spaces where we find nature, there is definitely a figure and a skateboard, a rock, and vegetation, possibly trees, but the point is the viewer determines the narrative.
Park Life
Park Life - dimensions: length 61cm x height 102cm x depth rear painted mixed media behind Museum Grade Perspex.

Price £1,100.00
Blind Faith
Blind Faith - dimensions: length 70cm x height 100cm x depth 2cm rear and front painted on Museum Grade Perspex.

Price £1,200.00

Blind Faith

I wanted to show the vulnerability of an individual, reliant upon trusting another individual through the sense of touch alone, and also the overriding emotion and capacity that we all possess to empathise and help a person not so lucky.

Pale Rider. (in the Holy Land)

I think of this as a prophecy painting, a warning.

I had scarcely any paint left at the time, I had an older artwork which I was never satisfied with, so I cannibalized it, tearing and cutting to create the horse and rider, and it was not until I had let the painting dry behind the glass I realised the horse’ head also looked strikingly like an old bearded king of the kind one might associate with medieval warlords-in this instance the Knights Templar, and the small figure half the old king’s height, is beseeching him to turn back…

Pale Rider
(in the Holy Land)
Pale Rider. (in the Holy Land) - 'A pale rider came to the Holy Land, on the dawning of this day, a pyramid became death in a hood.'

Mixed media;wood, acrylic, gold and copper leaf, polyethene, shrivelled laminate, low viscosity acrylic spray, all laminate behind Museum Glass Dimensions: length 64cm x height 92cm x depth 2cm lightly sprayed white wood frame.

Price £1,785.00
Garrowby Hill
Measures 138 cm x 74 cm in white wood

Price £1,650.00

Garrowby Hill

Where I live there are two dramatic descents off the Yorkshire Wolds, Staxton, and this one, Garrowby.

You can see York Minster from here on a clear day! 

The Conjurer

When I made this I was initially playing, as with The Owl and the Hunter Moon, with highlighted glimpses of shapes that might spark off memory in the viewer.

What I think I ended with was an open portal to both imagination and to memory, and I deliberately softened the colours so it seems far more abstract than most I make.

The Conjurer
The Conjurer - Dimensions: length 81cm x height 90cm x depth 4cm framed in unadorned wood.

Price £2,700.00
Danes Dyke
Dimensions: length 68cm x height 108 cm x depth 3 cm

Price offers in the region of between 4 to 5,000.00 pounds sterling (recommended viewing)

Danes Dyke

There are places that hold a resonance… so much history that it spills out and over you, if you are receptive, if you can dream, if you can connect.

Here is one of mine, almost in concord with the navigator’s global compass-the Meridian Line, instigated by Charles II during the restoration of England, when he returned to reclaim the throne…

This took me many weeks to finish, too many to recall.

Historically, Danes Dyke, due north from Bridlington in East Yorkshire, was an ideal staging point for the Viking invasion, (the word Viking simply means men of the north) and make no mistake, these fearless warriors were after our fertile land.

Neptune's Chariot

Here is my second take on the Roman God of the sea. It is striking how practical are the Roman deities.

This guy is the fisherman extraordinaire! But the oceans are a wild and dangerous place as well.

Painted entirely behind Museum Grade Glass, using acrylic Liquitex heavy body and acrylic sprays. Bare scrubbed wood frame.

Neptune's Chariot
Neptune's Chariot - Dimensions: including frame length 135cm x height 78cm x depth 2cm.

Price £4,999.00
Free Falling
Painted engraving using low viscosity car part sprays and 1.2 plate aluminium. dimensions: 48 cm x 82 cm (excluding a frame)

Price £1,999.00

Free Falling

This piece was pure invention, nothing on my mind, no starting reference, it just evolved into this! Lesson? Let your imagination run wild!! You never know…

Everyones' Kingdom

The first rear painting behind Perspex where I took a chance, and carved out as well!

The subject is a sunset, or possibly a sunrise, anything in nature which reminds us how we are all passing so quickly through a world much greater and wonderful than any of us, and how lucky we are to simply exist in such a fabulous, breath-taking world!

'Everyones' Kingdom'
'Everyones' Kingdom' Painting, acrylic paint and sprays and rear carved into the reverse of Museum grade Perspex. Dimensions: length 89cm x height 67 cm x depth 2 cm framed in white wood.

Price: £1,499.00
The Highfield Sycamore
PRICE unframed £600 + shipping

The Highfield Sycamore

Painted engraving on 1.2 plate aluminium. This old tree has pushed out the brick wall around it!

The Weir

Painted engraving on 1.2 aluminium plate. ‘I was after capturing the natural force of water-especially when it damms up like this! PRIC
The Weir
The Weir. measures 136 cm x 100 cm framed in 'green oak' stained wood.

Price: £3,000.00
In Full Spate (river Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales)
Measures L 43 cm x H 71 cm

Price £800.00

In full spate
(river Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales)

A river captured as it becomes a torrent!

In the wake of...(North Sea)

Painted engraving on 1.2 plate aluminium. The North Sea at it’s grey and choppy best.
In the wake of...
(North Sea)
measures L 90 cm x H 81 cm in antique gold frame.

Price: £2,299.00
The Feathering of Spring.
Measures L 86 cm x 76 cm traditional gold frame.

Price: £1,100.00

The Feathering of Spring.

Painted steel engraving. This view looks across Sledmere Estate, just as the beeches begin to show their buds.

Towards Levenning.

Just a mile North east of Garrowby, is this fantastic view towards Levenning, and beyond the vale of York.
Towards Levenning.
Painted engraving on 1.2 aluminium plate. Framed in traditional gold. Measures L 89 cm x H 92 cm framed in traditional gold frame.

Price £1,099.00
Large version wood framed and lightly sprayed white length 112 cm x height 112 cm .

Price £1,950.00


Painted behind Museum Glass. I came across this pair as I took a shortcut through a farmyard.

The hen was oblivious to the mating ritual! She’d obviously seen it all before.

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