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First series, quality limited editions, 1 - 250 in A1 and A2 format.

Path to the Chapel

This is a journey my wife (pictured) took to attend the wedding of my nephew, on the southern side of Malta, it is May, the windy month when sand blows across the Mediterranean from the Sahara.

Fishermen at Marsaxlokk

The fish market in Marsaxlokk, a sheltered lagoon, happen every Sunday seasons willing in Malta, every fish you could mention! A feast from the sea.

First Holy Communion

The importance of this ceremony for many catholic children is almost a coming of age experience.

Where Lovers Gaze

This is a favorite location and tourist trap in Malta where my wife was born.

The Sitar Player

In India, the sitar is considered a sacred instrument. It connects with the soul.

The Owl and the Pussycat

Perhaps the most famous nonsense rhyme penned by Edward Lear.

Neptune's Chariot

The Roman Gods were always very practical, Neptune, like Bacchus signifies abundance, the food of the sea.

Spirit of Malta

For me this sums up Malta, end of.

Angel Alighting

This work is about positive energy, faith that there is goodness and real hope in our world.

Cadences of Betrayal

A jilted bride, a faith that is lost, trust dashed open to regret.. here then lies such a sad and melancholic song.

The Ark

To be set upon an uncertain course, to have an uncertain future, looking for a land that is new!

Rites of Spring

Inspired by Stravinsky’s 3rd ballet, featuring the controversial dance to the death. To me its about the natural force of nature, the cycle of life.

Sometimes I Remember You

For the people we lose are so often tragically, those that we never knew…


I stumbled across this pair when I did some work for a local farmer. The hen seemed bored by her mate’s ritual display… like she’d seen it all before!

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