The Glass and Perspex Gallery

'The Rites of Spring'

After Stravinsky’s third ballet, literally, life is a dance to the death, the fallen king, the heir apparent, wild horses, lovers, and the Blue Angel who sanctifies true spirit, true faith in life.

Painting behind Perspex. Measures length 140 cm x height 100 cm framed in white, lightly sprayed on wood.

Cadences of Betrayal

Painted entirely behind toughened glass using both acrylic and polyester based spray paint, two worn out Stanley knives! And carried out over a non stop marathon of 56 hours in my studio. (If I had known beforehand I’d have picked a charity and sold tickets, hey ho).

This is a mood picture and does not in anyway depict an actual place but is strewn with benign and integrated symbols, the powerful yet muted charge of a wild boar! The sad young woman, who though sad is almost lost in some other unfathomable reverie… the structure…a church maybe? Certainly in part ruin…it’s late evening…hardly much daylight remains. Was our sad figure atop of her battlements the ruin of a lover that never showed, all promises are words empty until we all can say we know another’s mind, and that our neighbour is known to us also, and he is a man we can all trust.

Not yet framed, the artwork measures length 108c, x 76cm in height. Material toughened glass and sprays. First one to straddle 2020 with the new year of 2021.

York Minster 2

Painting behind toughened glass (uv protected) in stained natural wood frame, measures 110 cm x 80 cm.

Description: I delight in such amazing cathedrals in the UK, over three generations of masons built this one, skill handed down from father to son!

Price £2,999.00

The Ark

Painted and rear carved behind Museum grade Perspex (uv protected) measures 104 cm x 73 cm including white wood frame. 

Description: After the English civil wars ended and a king was given back the throne the protestants fled if they could…searching for new lands, new hope.

Price £1,900.00

Margin For Contentment

Painted behind toughened glass (uv protected) measures 63 cm x 74 cm in white wood frame.  Description: This painting is intended to see personal relationships as just part of the wonderful, often scary voyage which is open to all.

Price £1,599.00


Painted behind Museum Glass, measures 134 cm x 103 cm in a white wood frame.

Description: What if when you played a game of chess, the repercussions of each move you and your opponent made were real?

Price £3,200.00

The Comet

Painted behind Museum Glass. Finished in white frame. measures length 103 cm x height 73 cm

We will always have omens, warnings, and it is increasingly believed or at least, suspected, our ancient civilizations perhaps had a greater understanding of basic astrology, through the position, or change in the stars.

A comet rarely was good news…At best fortelling some violent rift or big change.

Price £1,900.00

'The Girl from Paola.

Perspex Painting Measures- length 135cm x height 98cm x depth 3cm finished in white wood frame.

Paola square, Malta. And a group of locals drink coffee, and a mysterious girl goes by…

Price £2,400.00

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