The Engravings Gallery


A painted engraving which incorporates several old master studies for the Herald figure in Renaissance paintings.

This version is completed with gold and copper leaf.

Price £4,750.00

Measures length 55cm x height 107cm includes wood frame and shipping.

The Stag

I wanted to capture that moment of trepidation when the hunted senses the hunter…

Painted engraving on 1.2mm aluminium plate.

Price £6,000.00

Measures length 124 cm x height 92 cm framed in wood lightly sprayed white.

Engravings Demonstration

Watch Nick in his studio demonstrating the techniques he uses whilst creating an engraving.

'Lazy River'

This is where the Great Drififeld Beck widens enough for the fast flow becomes a twisting and churning swirl whipping the green weed and making it dance!

There is the colder breath of Autumn, only mid afternoon, yet the sun begins now a rapid descent.

Price £6,000.00

Painted engraving on 1.2 aluminium plate. measures- length 152cm x height 105cm x depth 3.5cm framed in hand carved ‘new oak’ stained wood.

Whitby At Night

Sold at Ferens Gallery

Price £3,250.00

'Free Falling.'

I have never parachuted from an aeroplane, but having all but conquered the fear of falling I’ve tried to convey a sense of excitement in the exhilaration of the experience. This began with no clear context, preconception, or plan. Sometimes the best plan is to not start out with one I guess.

Price £1,999.00 (price without frame)

length 48cm x height 82cm depth 1.2mm

'Will you join the dance?"

I discovered a very old illustration, possibly French, and it must have been the inspiration for the four giant red works by Matisse that are split between two of the world’s most amazing art galleries. 

This is my version as a painted engraving. It took me eight weeks from start to finish, I was entranced. The Dance is of course, life, and all of its experiences including the final one…death…or is it…the final one?

Price £6,000.00

Measures- length 135cm x height 100cm x depth 3cm framed in lightly sprayed white wood.

'The Leap of Faith'

I think the title of this work could almost describe my manifesto as an artist…because if you are going to reach for what was impossible yesterday and suddenly is probable the day after, it takes that leap to arrive there!

Price £900.00

43cm x 75cm x depth 1.2mm (unframed)

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